Hello, lovelies!


It’s prom season! 


Or might have been, had it not been for a certain virus and the matter of social distancing we’re currently facing. 


I think for many of us, high school leads up to this sort of final hurrah what with prom and graduation. The possibility that the end of our senior year of high school might not play out quite as we envisioned it is disappointing, to say the least. 


Now, I, for one, love the idea of any opportunity to wear a pretty dress. 


I think many of you can relate.


Which is probably why you have a Pinterest board full of hairstyle and makeup inspiration, and most importantly, a prom dress hanging somewhere in your closet. 


I think it would be a shame if no one got to see you in it. 


Which is why I’m here today. 


While we may not be on the dance floor this year, there’s no reason not to show off your dress. 


I’m going to show you how to take pictures like this, from home.


1) Planning


Personally, this is my favorite step.


With each photo shoot, you’re going to want to have a focal point. Usually, I take the part of the composition I’m most excited about and center my planning around that.


In this case, I chose the dress.


Fun fact, this is not my prom dress. It’s actually my best friend’s older sister’s. Shoutout to you, Becca. (I’m pretty positive it’s vintage but, honestly, I can’t say for sure). 


I love this dress.


As you can see, it’s the most beautiful shade of blue, and it’s got this beautiful sheen to it. 

Coincidentally, the opposite side of my comforter is an even paler shade of blue. 


So I carried my bedding and two old table clothes outside to build my set. 


I began by spreading the two table clothes out on my back deck, then arranged my comforter on top. I reasoned that this was the best way to put my blanket on a high traffic walking area without having to wash it afterward since I had just washed it yesterday and didn’t feel like washing it again (Goodness, how many times can I say washing in a sentence). 


At this point, I hauled my Dad’s ladder onto the deck and placed it on one edge of the makeshift bed. 


Okay, I should probably explain that. 


The lighting in my bedroom is too dark to take decent pictures in, especially on days like today that are overcast. Now, if you didn’t know, overcast days are the perfect days for outdoor photos because, for lack of technical language, the light is prettier. Which is ultimately why I moved my bed onto the back porch. I wanted pretty lighting.


This, however, is still perfectly achievable on sunny days as long as you wait to take pictures until after 5 p.m. 


2) Photographing 


Once your set is complete, here comes what I have found to be the most difficult part of each of my photoshoots. 


Roping a sibling or parent into being your camera person.


Today I had to bribe my fifteen-year-old brother with the promise of a trip to the store for candy, my treat.


How much control you retain after this point is up to you. Either do what I did and kindly force your brother to climb a ladder to photograph you from above, or let them get creative with the camera. 


I encourage you to feel a little silly and play around with your poses a little bit too. I felt so ridiculous doing this pose, but it led to one of my favorite photographs of the shoot.

This was actually so much fun. Shawn and I spent so much time laughing I was surprised that any of the pictures worked out.

3) Editing  


This is where everything comes together, and the photos that were taken on my iPhone SE begin to look a little more high end. 


I edit my photos on the lightroom app. This is not sponsored or anything, it’s free to download, I just love lightroom.


Right here is one of the raw images just after I’ve uploaded it to the app. 

I like to crop the image first. I have no particular reasoning for this, it just feels right. Here you can see that I’ve selected the option for an 8.5 x 11. 


You can also rotate the image to the right or the left, but I liked how this looked, so I just went with it. 

This preset is essentially the basic edits I make to all of my images. Once I’ve applied it, I adjust the exposure (lighting) and saturation as I feel is necessary. 

As you can see in the following two images, I typically raise my exposure and saturation quite a bit because I like my photos to be both bright and colorful.

And once I’m happy with the edits, I save the photo to my camera roll.

I hope this inspires you to get creative and have fun while we’re at home for these next few weeks. 


Social distancing isn’t exactly fun, but it is for the best. So maybe take a break from Tik Tok, Netflix, and the homework I’m sure you’re doing and show off your prom dress. 


Please stay safe and take care of yourselves and your family. 


Also! Tag me @an.introverts.soapbox on Instagram because I’d love to see your dresses and photoshoots. 


Hugs! *from a safe distance of course*


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